Monday, July 24, 2017


Officially one week until I fly to Las Palmas (Canary Islands), Spain to meet the Africa Mercy! Check out the video on the right hand side titled What is dry dock? to see why the ship is in Spain and what happens during the ship's maintenance period.

These weeks at home have gone fast but at the same time slow. I have been able to see and spend time with so many friends and family that my heart is so very happy. Some days I have thought this time at home is not enough. Will it ever feel like it is enough? The thought of packing is dreadful. The thought of saying "see you later" again is hard. This time at home has not been without some ups and downs. Then I'm reminded to give thanks. To be thankful for this full, rich and amazing time at home. So many people have not been able to go home or have had less time at home. Be thankful. And soak up each moment. I remind myself that these are the moments that keep me going when I'm away from home. I'm reminded that God has truly used this time to rest, recharge and fill me up for there is more work to be done on the Africa Mercy. With that thought in mind I'm ready as I'll ever be to get started.

This time in Cameroon will not be like any other time that I have served with Mercy Ships before. I will have a different role and schedule. A different country, a new culture to learn, new nurses and daycrew to meet. It's a completely clean slate which is exciting but nerve wracking all at the same time. But when have you ever done something new and amazing without some nerves? Nerves are good. They keep you on your toes. And when you know that is where you are supposed to be.... when you know that your are moving and working not in your own strength but in the strength of a God who is so much more powerful and greater than you, you have no reason to fear. God is not a God of fear. Fear is not from Him. So there is no reason to fear.

I leave home with the knowledge that my God is with me. He is for me. He goes before me. I have been listening to some songs that have really been encouraging me. One of them has the following lyrics:

Can you hear the voice of the Father
Inviting you to walk the water?
Risk it all, answer the call, and enter in.
Now we stand on every promise
We're not afraid, our faith goes before us
When we believe, we're gonna see
The supernatural

This song and these lyrics resonated with me immediately. I'm heading to Cameroon with great expectation. Praying for the impossible. Believing that we are going to see what we are praying for. Standing on the promises that Christ proclaims in His word. I'm sure it will be hard and I'm sure I will need to be reminded of this often but those things don't make the promises of God any less true. 

I so appreciate the time and effort each one of you has made to see me, catch up, hang out, eat food and just spend time with me. Coming home truly does make those moments even sweeter and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your prayers, support, love and encouragement. Continue to keep me in prayer as I get packed, fly and get ready to sail to Cameroon! I will hopefully get to send one more update out before we sail but not sure what the internet situation will be like yet.

Enjoy the music and continue to keep Mercy Ships, the crew members and the people of Cameroon in your prayers! 

"Standing" William Mcdowell 
"Your Promises" Elevation Worship
"Hills and Valleys" Tauren Wells